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Yes, it has finally happened. Now that I am teaching abroad in the United Arab Emirates, I have a bit more time on my hands to create some really special and unique items that have aided in teaching these extreme second language learners. I've had experience teaching ESL students in the states (mainly spanish speakers), but here the children know little to no english and speak fluent Arabic. Needless to say our conversations leave little to be desired, but we are scraping by with lots of visuals, colorful aids, and songs. Below is the link to my TPT store, as well as the most recent item I have created.

This item I created for use with teaching the students the first 100 Fry Sight Words. It was a great way to motivate them to practice reading at home and to challenge them with harder words. Within our first week of trying this program, I had several children master the first 30 sight words (and they are second language learners).

The program is called "I Scream for Sight Words" which we used in my Kindergarten last year. Basically the 100 sight words are split into groups of 10, organized by easier words in the lower groups, and the harder words in the higher groups. Each group was assigned a color ice cream scoop. Each scoop represented 10 words. The goal by the end of the year was to get each child to have mastered 100 sight words, and thus have 10 ice cream scoops. If you are interested take a look at my preview below.

I Scream for Sight Words Pack

Download HERE


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