It's All About Elmer

I had been meaning to make a post about this earlier in the year but never had the chance to get round to it. Life with a 2 year old does put strains on your free time. Nonetheless I am currently teaching in Abu Dhabi at a school that is complete 100% Emirate students. There are no Pakistani, Saudi, Lebanese, Philippine, Indian or Western children at our school, despite the fact that it is a government school. It is strictly for Emirate children.

That being said I teach Grade One, ages 6-7 and a lot of the children don't understand about diversity, seeing as there is no cultural diversity in the school. I wanted to do a week study on Elmer the elephant; I know Elmer is usually used to teach about how to stand out when you are different. I however wanted to use Elmer to show how different people really are from one another, and that it is ok. The part at the beginning when all the other elephants look the same was a big influence, as I wanted the students to understand that not everyone is the same, and that it is normal and part of life. I had a hard time finding some thematic activities to help support the teaching of Elmer, as well as some extension ideas.

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