Updates on TpT. Take a look at some of my products below that I have added in the last few months to my TpT account, as the end of the school year is near.

This is a complete set for Kindergarten/First Grade! It's a program for teaching the first 100 High Frequency reading words called "I Scream for Sight Words". Every child can earn a colored scoop for every 10 words they master reading by sight. The goal is to get 10 scoops signifying 100 sight words. This pack includes the following:

- Set of colored scoops with corresponding numbers.
- Set of colored scoops with first 100 sight words (for teacher).
- Set of ice cream cones.
- Set of take home letters identifying which colored scoop the students are working towards.
- Parent explanation letter.
- Graph for tracking progress (for teacher).
- Display banner for the classroom.
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A collection of Blue Chalkboard themed bunting. Great for classroom displays; I personally use them to display my name and grade outside my class, as well as my calendar math wall.

This packet includes:

26 large blue chalkboard bunting letters
26 small blue chalkboard bunting letters
10 large blue chalkboard bunting numbers
10 small blue chalkboard bunting numbers
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Another great literacy pack available. This one is wonderful to use while working with the story "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom". 

Check out the free preview to get an idea of the contents. (Please note that not all items included in this pack are displayed in the preview).

Here is what is included in this pack:

1 large coconut tree (to be assembled, should be 2ft tall)
1 set of display coconuts with 26 letters
1 set of colored letters to place in the coconut tree, or to act out the story for sequencing
12 pages of word family activities with writing
1 letter sort cut and paste
1 coconut tree designing activity with cut and paste letters
1 name writing with sentence stems
1 creative coconut tree writing
1 display banner
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First I want to make it known that I do not own Elmer. This pack contains my artistic rendering of the wonderful elephant for personal classroom use to aid in teaching the story.

This pack includes:
1 Elmer cut out puppet
My Favorite Elmer Color Graph
Number 1-12 cards with recording sheet
I am Unique Like Elmer writing page
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This is a follow up to my Billy Goats Gruff packet. After such great response to that one, I decided to make a similar one for Goldilocks. This packet includes:

Display Characters (Can be printed in a smaller scale if needed)
Display Bowls and Chairs
Color Themed Vocabulary Words (blue=Baby Bear, yellow=Mama Bear, red=Papa Bear, pink=Goldilocks)
2 Flow Maps, for Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
A Goldilocks WANTED poster and writing activity
My Favorite Character graph and answer sheet
Venn Digram for Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
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This program is designed for student self-assessment with the Math Common Core Standards. Students will be able to 
Self-assess and monitor their progress with the Math 
Common Core Standards. 

*Students will get 9 pieces of food with the Common Core Standards listed in child friendly language with “I Can…” statements. Students will color the food as they master a standard, and paste it onto a paper plate. (Great to display in the classroom for self-monitoring their progress)

*Students will get a recording sheet with an assembled 
Math Meal, and will color and date each part of the 
Math Meal as they master each standard. This is a great 
way to document student progress for a portfolio, or data notebook.

* Teacher will get a recording graph sheet to document the progress of each student’s Math Meals.
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This is a teacher lesson planner that can be used for any year. It features a lovely mint chevron design with chalkboard background. This pack includes:

Lesson Planner Cover
Monthly Calendars Divider
August-July Monthly Calendars
Lesson Plans Divider
Lesson Plan Pages
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A nice set of display numbers 1-20 with 10 frames in a fun mint chevron design.
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A collection of Pink Chalkboard themed bunting. Great for classroom displays; I personally use them to display my name and grade outside my class, as well as my calendar math wall.

This packet includes:

26 large pink chalkboard bunting letters
26 small pink chalkboard bunting letters
10 large pink chalkboard bunting numbers
10 small pink chalkboard bunting numbers
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Another great themed activity pack to tie in with literature. I do not own The Rainbow Fish or have any right to it. These are some activities and resources to support the teaching of this excellent book. Please make sure to purchase your own copy of The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister for your classroom.

This pack includes:

1 Rainbow Fish display banner
1 Rainbow Fish puppet
1 Starfish puppet
1 Octopus puppet
1 Black and White Rainbow Fish
Rainbow Fish tree map
Rainbow Fish double bubble map for text to self connections
Rainbow Fish brace map for parts of a fish
I can see the...Rainbow Fish easy reader book with sequencing activity and book guide
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This is a great 42 week lesson planner from August 2013- May 2014. Comes in a fun teal ombre chevron theme. PDF file that is easy to use and put together.
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This is a great resource for teaching the Very Hungry Caterpillar. This packet includes:

All the types of food display puppets (can be re-sized for small centers)
Caterpillar puppet
Vocabulary words with ABC order activity
Text-to-self writing
Story sequencing flow map cut and paste
Pocket chart words and picture match up
The Very Hungry Student Class Book Cover
The Very Hungry Student Writing
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This is a 5 Little Monkeys Display and Activity pack for use when teaching the 5 Little Monkeys book. This pack includes:

5 Little Monkeys Bunting Display Banner
All 5 Little Monkey Puppets (big and small)
Bed Puppet
Mama Monkey Puppet
Plain Monkey Puppet
1 Color Printable 5 Little Monkeys Book
5 Little Monkeys Sentence Strips w/ Highlighted HFW (for pocket chart)
Text-to-Self Connections Writing
5 Little Monkeys Bubble Map

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These are "iPad Licenses" for your students. Once your students have been properly trained in the correct ways of using an iPad (using two hands, sitting with the iPad, sharing with their friends, etc...) they are given their "iPad License". If they break the rules and use the iPad inappropriately, their license is "revoked" until they prove they can use the iPad independently. 
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When I began teaching my Space Unit for Grade 1, I could not find any activities that depicted the star life cycle. We were trying to make connections to previous life cycles we had learned (butterfly, plant). This is a great activity to do with Early Childhood students. This depicts 5 stages of the Star Life Cycle:

1. Stellar Nebula (creation/birth of a star by gases being pulled together).

2. Average Star (when a star is burning brightest and appears yellow).

3. Red Giant (the star is burning off lots of gas, emitting heat so it appears red).

4. Planetary Nebular (gases are escaping the star and it starts getting smaller).

5. White Dwarf (the last phase before a star dies and it grows very small before losing all of its gas).

My second language learners loved acting out the start life cycle as well:

Pushing hands together and packing them as if they are squeezing the gas together (Stellar Nebula)

Putting their hands by their faces with big eyes and smile to "shine" brightly (Average Star)

Arms out to their sides and stomping their feet like a giant would (Red Giant)

Arms pulling apart from their bodies to simulate the gas leaking out (Planetary Nebula)

Shrinking down to the floor to get really small (White Dwarf)

I have also included a student sample to help illustrate the different phases.
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