A 2 Day $2 Try

After a lovely long 7 weeks off from the heat and stress of working in Abu Dhabi, it's time to get my nose back to the grind. I noticed over the summer that my most popular post is about my ocean unit. So I decided to post some of the resources I use on TPT for others to try. Initially posted for $4 each, I have slashed the price in half for each of my Ocean Items.

 For 2 days (August 31st-September 1st), all of my Ocean Items will be $2. 

And (in my opinion) you are getting quite a lot for that price. Check out each one below:

The first is a lovely Ocean Themed 10 frame game. This packet includes 20 cards featuring a different ocean animal in a 10 frame. Students select a card, count how many in the 10 frame, and record it on the recording sheet. 

For the Ocean Unit 10 Frame Game Click Here

This next activity features 24 cards with a different Ocean Themed Item and 3 numbers. Students must clap or count the number of syllables in the name of the ocean item and either circle the correct number with a whiteboard marker or pin it with a clothespin.

For the Ocean Unit Syllable Counting Activity Click Here

The third packet is the Ocean Vocabulary Sort and Classify. I set this up as a literacy center. Students take the vocabulary cards and must sort them into either ANIMALS, PLANTS, or THINGS. Then they must record their answers on a graphic organizer.

For the Ocean Vocabulary Sort and Classify Packet Click Here

And finally, the last Ocean Packet is the Pick and Mix Ocean Sentences. This can be set up as table work or pocket chart work. Students select HFW and an ocean themed word with picture and create a sentence. Then they record the sentence on the recording sheet.

For the Pick and Mix Ocean Sentences Click Here

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out some of my other units!


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