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Brown Bear Brown Bear

Just wanted to close the week out with a little summary of what we've been up to. The kids have been working really hard on their literacy and math centers, and are really enjoying the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?". We have only read it two times but they are already trying to say a lot of the words with me which is quite good for second language learners. I am also excited to announce my new "Brown Bear" clipart. I finished them at the end of the unit so we didn't get to use them, but they are now available for download.

Click Here to get your copy!

I also made a pack of activities to go along with Brown Bear for next year. To get your own copy of the 64 page literacy and math pack Click Here
We summarized the week by discussing the characters and putting them in order in which they appeared in the story. Then we colored, cut out, and pasted the characters in order onto a head band. Nice summarizing activity to see which students remembe…

September Sale

Just doing a quick post to announce an end of September Sale in my TPT store. I had a really great month of teaching and reached a personal milestone, so I am throwing a sale to celebrate. Click the link below to receive 15% off everything in my store, including some of my best sellers featured in other posts!

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Continuing Healthy Foods and a Freebie

Today we spent quite a bit of time reviewing different types of healthy foods. Our grade 1 students all bring their lunch to school and eat in the class with the teachers, so we get a daily look at what types of foods they are bringing. Our school policy is now enforcing healthy foods at school, so what a perfect opportunity to review healthy foods and thus, healthy eating habits.

We did a simple sorting activity on the StarBoard to help reinforce the English vocabulary and of course, any chance to touch the whiteboard always means instant attention to the lesson :)

To get your own copy of the sorting chart  Click Here

Easing into Math and Literacy Centers

Well I am pleased to announce that our first day of centers went really, really well. The students were able to follow the directions and complete the work quite well. Keep in mind we have only been in school for 12 days so it was a big risk to try these so early, but I have to say I was impressed. Check out some of their work below.

Practicing writing sight words with pencils, stamps and markers.

Sorting color words and animals from Brown Bear

Spin a sight word!

A panoramic of my classroom.

Students engaged in the iPad center building words.

Practicing counting with the 10 frames.

Panoramic view from the other side.

This week we were teaching our kids about healthy foods, and today's lesson was about fruit. We discussed many names of fruits we know and like, the practiced writing sentences about fruit beginning with "I like..." 


First Week of School, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and Class Preview

Sooooooo, it was the first week back and for once I was organized, situated and ready to go. Every year of my teaching I have either started too close to the first day of school, joined a new school/team, or been hired after the start of the school year. Thus it has made being as prepared as possible quite difficult. (Last year I started teaching 3 weeks after moving from Arizona to the Middle East and starting a new life with my family, not to mention all the social and cultural changes to adjust to.

After a week of professional development and setting up the classroom, I was ready to go. Take a look at my classroom photos below.

Color wall with Arabic translations

"The Talking Tree" A collection of Speaking and Listening activities to encourage more talking in the classroom
Get your own copy Here

Where I have currently set up my Bloom's Taxonomy Question cards temporarily to use while teaching.
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Calendar Math Wall

Calendar Math Wall Display Banne…