Back To School We Go and a FREEBIE

It is the eve of my first day back to school teaching in Abu Dhabi. I am about to embark on the 2nd school year of my teaching contract, and am pleased to say that I feel 100% more confident about what lies ahead than I did a year ago. While there have been some bad experiences, and some stressful times, I am assured of what a positive year this one will be.

Currently I teach 2 classes of boys and girls, ages 5-7, all Emirate children. Each class has 27 students, so I will be in charge of 54 students. I also just learned that I will have 2 special needs students, one with his own shadow. While it may seem like a lot, I am anxiously anticipating the challenges that lie ahead so......

I want to offer up a FREEBIE.

You think trying to get kids to remember to write their names on their papers is hard, try getting them to write it from left to right, rather than right to left, and in English, not Arabic.

Our first grade team has opted for using this fun sign at the turn in baskets, to help remind out kiddos to pop their names on their papers. You can grab your copy for free with the link below. Enjoy!

For the Stop Sign FREEBIE Click Here


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