Easing into Math and Literacy Centers

Well I am pleased to announce that our first day of centers went really, really well. The students were able to follow the directions and complete the work quite well. Keep in mind we have only been in school for 12 days so it was a big risk to try these so early, but I have to say I was impressed. Check out some of their work below.

Practicing writing sight words with pencils, stamps and markers.

Sorting color words and animals from Brown Bear

Spin a sight word!

A panoramic of my classroom.

Students engaged in the iPad center building words.

Practicing counting with the 10 frames.

Panoramic view from the other side.

This week we were teaching our kids about healthy foods, and today's lesson was about fruit. We discussed many names of fruits we know and like, the practiced writing sentences about fruit beginning with "I like..." 

Next we added a bit of math to the lesson with graphing our favorite fruits. Our classes really like watermelon!


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