First Week of School, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and Class Preview

Sooooooo, it was the first week back and for once I was organized, situated and ready to go. Every year of my teaching I have either started too close to the first day of school, joined a new school/team, or been hired after the start of the school year. Thus it has made being as prepared as possible quite difficult. (Last year I started teaching 3 weeks after moving from Arizona to the Middle East and starting a new life with my family, not to mention all the social and cultural changes to adjust to.

After a week of professional development and setting up the classroom, I was ready to go. Take a look at my classroom photos below.

Color wall with Arabic translations

"The Talking Tree"
A collection of Speaking and Listening activities to encourage more talking in the classroom

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Where I have currently set up my Bloom's Taxonomy Question cards temporarily to use while teaching.

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Calendar Math Wall

Calendar Math Wall Display Banner

Our "I Can" statement board, for our daily outcomes and objectives.

My Daily 5/Cafe Board.

I Scream for Sight Words self assessment display. 
(Currently empty for the start of the school year)

A sample plate depicting our Grade One Math Meals for Mastery self assessment.

Grade One Math Meals display signs.

Self Assessment Wall Banner
Hangs above the I Scream for Sight Words and Math Meals Displays

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Our reading table for independent and, eventually, partner reading.


I decided to hang sight words with fish wire from the umbrella to encourage my students to always be looking for sight words while reading.
(No excuses anymore for not knowing where in the room the words are displayed to check!)

Bus and Car riders list for each class.

My Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree matching letters activity.

STOP to highlight your name at our turn in baskets.

Brown Bear Brown Bear Animal and Color Sorting Center

None the less, this year was much better. After meeting my students and spending the first few days practicing procedures, routines, and rules of the class and school, we were able to spend some time on academics. I always like to start Kindergarten or First Grade with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

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Here are some photos of my kiddos working with letter activities during their first week of school.

And getting to know our classroom by doing a counting scavenger hunt


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