Catching a Rainbow: Science with Brown Bear

Every week I am responsible for contributing Science to our lesson plans. Since the English teachers only have 2 hours and 15 minutes to teach English, Math and Science to each of our two classes, it's sometimes best to integrate the subjects. Currently we have been reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" and the kids are really loving it. I found a great science experiment on 
 Make Learning Fun which involves mixing colors in either heavy cream or whole milk. 
See directions below:

Supplies needed:
1 clear plastic or glass bowl
Heavy cream or whole milk (small container)
Red, yellow, and blue food coloring
Dish soap
Catch a Rainbow science recording sheet

Explain to students that we will be doing an experiment with colors that we have read about in our story "Brown Bear". Pour the heavy cream or whole milk into the bowl and discuss the color we see *white*.
Then explain that we are going to add some drops of the different colors to the white and then we will be making guesses as to what will happen next. Add 3-4 drops of each food coloring to the middle of the heavy cream or whole milk. Notice that the colors do not move. Have students make a guess about what they think will happen to the colors next when you add the dish soap (great for helping to make predictions). Encourage students to think about if the soap will keep the colors the same or if they will change somehow.
At this point I had my students fill out the "guess" section of their science recording sheet, and draw a picture in the before section of what the colors looked like before adding the soap.
Now add the dish soap in a spiral motion (I found the spiral motion works the best for helping the colors to mix), and encourage students to talk about what they see happening. After discussion students will draw their picture of what the colors looked like after mixing the dish soap with the colors. Then have students write the names of any new colors they see in the bowl. 
To conclude, ask students if their guesses were correct :)

Setting up the experiment with the heavy cream!

Adding the colors!

Drawing our "before" picture!

Adding the soap!

And voila! Catching a Rainbow!


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