Opinions on Brown Bear, Class 10 Frame Scavenger Hunt, and M&Ms

What a way to end the first book study. The students had such fun with all the Brown Bear activities that we worked on. I feel they really learned a lot both academically and socially, by working together and helping each other with some of the activities and centers. To finish our unit we did several review lessons, as well as some "up and moving" activities that were really engaging to my second language learners.

First the students helped recall all the names of the characters from the story. Next we made a two lists on our whiteboard, one of different colors, and one of animals. Then we practiced matching color words to animal names, to make some new animals that weren't in our story Brown Bear. Finally students made their own book pages with their new animals for our class book. 

After completing our pages, all the students brought their papers back to the carpet and we shared our writing with the Magic Microphone, and displayed our drawings. This is really important for my second language learners as they need lots of practice talking in English. And, of course, any chance to be a superstar with the microphone always guarantees participation!

In math we have been working really hard on numbers 1-10, and practicing using the ten frame, so that the students are able to recognize a group to represent a number. I found a great Brown Bear character 10 frame game. I printed the cards and laminated them, then hid them around the room. After explaining that the students would have 10 minutes to find all the characters and write the number they saw on the 10 frame, the students got their papers and immediately began searching like crazy for the cards. It was lovely to see them engaged, and helping each other to count or locate cards.

And finally, the BEST activity that I love doing with this story. It is a cumulative sorting by color, counting and graphing activity. Such great fun and really helps to reinforce some basic math concepts. The students got a set amount of M&M's in a bag, 1 for a group of 4 students. They had to work in a team to sort the M&M's by color. Then the students counted how many M&M's were in each color box, and filled in their graph accordingly. Afterwards, we shared our results, and ate our M&M's! 
Such happy faces!


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