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Searching for Time, Scavenger Hunt FREEBIE!

This week my 2nd grade students have been learning how to tell time to the hour. I found some really great videos to share with them from YouTube, and they really started to grasp the concept. To help reinforce it...yup, you guessed it...we did a scavenger hunt entitled:
I found photos of 12 different types of clocks each depicting a different hour. I matched them up with letters and hid them around the room. The students had to write the time in both digital and analog form. The winner of the search got to be Mr. Wolf when we played outside with "What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?"
Here are some photos below and the link to my TPT store for the FREEBIE!

(Please note that this products is aligned with Grade 1 Common Core Standard)

How Many Feet? Measuring

I currently do a 1st/2nd split and so half my day is now spent teaching 2nd grade. Not only that but one day a week the entire grade 2 team switches students based on math abilities, so that they get a full 90 minutes of Math Intervention. We assess the students based on their needs in math, and place them in groups to help strengthen the skills that they may be struggling with. Each teacher can do either math centers related to current subjects, work in small groups, whole group instruction, or plan hands on, interactive lessons.

Our grade 2 students briefly touched on measurement in grade 1 and so we took this week to work on that particular skill. I chose to do a scavenger hunt around the room where the students had to locate different items and measure them with a provided unit of measurement. I created some simple shoe outlines that the students used to measure the length and/or width of certain items in the classroom. They really liked it when they got to measure a friend!

Visiting to the Shape Museum

Our students have spent the last 2 weeks learning 2D and 3D shapes. They knew the 2D shapes really well from Kindergarten, but learning about abstract 3D shapes was a little bit harder. The vocabulary was difficult for them to say, as well as trying to make connections to real world items for examples. So...the first grade team asked students to bring some household items from home that are good examples of 3D shapes. I got all sorts of things, some that I wouldn't have even thought of. Once we discussed the different items and sorted them based on their 3D shape, I set displays up around the classroom with 3D shape vocabulary cards. The students then got the chance to visit each "display" in the shape museum, and draw one example from each. They really enjoy any activities where they get to talk to each other, move around the room, and drawing.

I was impressed with some of the drawings that the students did, a few took great care to add lots of details that matched the…

I Am Thankful

I wanted to write a quick post while we are still easing into the month of November. Since Thanksgiving is approaching, along with the rest of the winter holidays, I wanted to say that I am thankful. I appreciate all the lovely comments and emails I get, as well as the wonderful parents I have this year as part of my class community. In honor of all the great people I am surrounded with, I am throwing an I am Thankful sale in my TPT store, where EVERYTHING is 20%. 
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