Visiting to the Shape Museum

Our students have spent the last 2 weeks learning 2D and 3D shapes. They knew the 2D shapes really well from Kindergarten, but learning about abstract 3D shapes was a little bit harder. The vocabulary was difficult for them to say, as well as trying to make connections to real world items for examples. So...the first grade team asked students to bring some household items from home that are good examples of 3D shapes. I got all sorts of things, some that I wouldn't have even thought of. Once we discussed the different items and sorted them based on their 3D shape, I set displays up around the classroom with 3D shape vocabulary cards. The students then got the chance to visit each "display" in the shape museum, and draw one example from each. They really enjoy any activities where they get to talk to each other, move around the room, and drawing.

I was impressed with some of the drawings that the students did, a few took great care to add lots of details that matched the real items on "display" in our shape museum.

Our "Shape Museum" recording page.

Teacher sample!

Working on drawing cones.

Attempting a sphere.

Checking out the vast display of cylinders.

Working on rectangular prisms.


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