Fantastic Five Senses Unit

So we are back to another fun filled school term. After the nice 3 week long break, we dove headfirst into another exciting science unit. This theme was the Five Senses, which I am pleased to say my Arabic speaking students LOVED! We covered all five senses, and even got a few experiments in there. I wish this could have been a longer unit, but nonetheless, the kids really enjoyed it. I have to say that most of what we did came from the brilliant mind over at so please make sure to check out her original ideas. She has a great class book that she made with her class that covers how we use the five senses in day to day life. This was great to make as it was so visual for my english language learners, and they really took pride in the book when it was complete. Please check the photos below for more details, and descriptions of the activities.

Our 5 Senses Anchor Chart
(We labeled this as we learned each sense)

First we learned about our sense of hearing and what part of the body we use to hear.
We took a listening walk around the school to listen for different things, making sure to use our listening ears. We also walked inside the school and outside the school so that we would hear a variety of sounds.
Then we made a list of all the things we heard on our listening walk. It was really interesting some of the things they came up with.

Then the kids drew pictures on small paper of things they heard on the listening walk to go into our big book.

Next we learned about the sense of smell and what part of the body we use to smell. 
I used pre-prepared smell bottles made at home with different things around my house
(It is amazing how many things suddenly have a distinct smell when you are trying to narrow it down).
I made sure to have 5 things that smelled good, and 3 smells that were bad, for a total of 8 bottles.

(A great reaction to one of the bad smells)

After we smelled each bottle we discussed what it smelled like, trying to use descriptive words that the kiddos might be familiar with. Then we tried to guess what each smell was. For the most part the kids were right about each smell.

Click Here  to get your own copy of the recording sheet

After we recorded each smell, we voted on our favorites and completed the graph below.

After the sense of smell we talked about the sense of touch. 
To do this we started with talking about the texture of the bottom of our shoes.

"WHAT? We get to take our shoes of???"

Yup, we started by taking off one of our shoes and feeling the bottom with our fingers. Then we took a colored pencil and a small piece of paper, and did a shoe rubbing to capture the different textures on the bottom of our shoes.

After we did our shoe rubbings we talked about how each felt when we touched them, using words like "smooth", "bumpy", "hard", and "soft". We also came up with a list of things WE KNOW we shouldn't touch.

Then the kiddos drew small pictures of these things to go into the class book.

Next we did a day of popcorn descriptions, where we used our 5 senses to describe everything about popcorn. This was by far the favorite and most engaging activity. We did sight, smell and sound as a whole group; I just walked around the circle at the carpet with the bag and the students discussed what they thought for each sense.

We closed our eyes to smell the popcorn!

We finally got to have popcorn! Not just yet, we divided up the bag of deliciousness for the senses of touch and taste.

Every time we completed an activity we completed a recording sheet to put into our class book. Again, some of the ideas came from with a few of my own, but all in all the kids really loved it.

Our sense of sight

Our sense of hearing

Our sense of smell

Our sense of touch

Collection of our shoe rubbings

The recording sheet for the popcorn description using all 5 senses.


  1. I am going to be completing 15 hours of lab time in a Kindergarten room and I need to prepare a Science activity on the 5 senses. I love your ideas here, this will give me a great starting point to go on and fun activities to do with the students the week I am there. I don't know if I will be able to get it all in, but at least a few. It looks the students really enjoyed all of the projects they did. Fun!!


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