Living and Non-Living Unit

Now that my first graders are finished learning about the 5 Senses, we are progressing into a unit about things that are Living and Non-Living, and recognizing differences. This was the perfect transition between 5 Senses and our next unit about Life Cycles. It is important that the kiddos get as much exposure to the vocabulary that relate to Living and Non-Living, which will pop up again in Life Cycles.

For this unit we did several things.

1. A nature walk outside, where we used magnifying glasses to look for small living things (mainly ants and bugs), and to locate things that were non-living (this was much easier :)

2. We completed a Living or Non-Living anchor chart about several things, then came up with our own suggestions.

3. Students did a Living or Non-Living Scavenger Hunt, which is a great way to get kids moving and talking, as well as repeated exposure to the new vocabulary words.

4. We also played several sorting games throughout the unit on the interactive whiteboard, so we had a lot of ideas about things that are Living and Non-Living. Using this information the students were able to draw and write about one of each, which we are putting together in a class book. (Photos of the finished product to come soon....)

Here are some of the photos from the unit, including a FREEBIE and a link to get your own copy of the scavenger hunt.

Click Here
 to get your FREEBIE of the above anchor chart.

The Living and Non-Living Scavenger Hunt set.

Click Here to get your own copy.

(Please excuse my messy room)

Click Here to get your FREEBIE
of the class book page!

Stay tuned for photos of our Living and Non-Living experiment!


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