Sight Word Pulley Cards

The program that I use to assess my student's sight words is called "I Scream for Sight Words", which encourages children to learn 100 sight words in either Kindergarten, (or in my second language learners's cases, first grade). Each child starts with a cone. Every time they master 10 words from a color coded club, they get a scoop on the cone depicting how many sight words they know. They also get a little card to take home telling parents they are ready to practice the next 10 sight words. It really is a great motivator for the kids, and encourages them to practice more at home. I found that with my students this year, I needed to make the sight words more accessible than just on the word wall. I made these little cards front and back, which have all 100 sight words on them, and are color coded to match the "I Scream for Sight Words" corresponding clubs. Then I had a problem...I didn't want to just leave the cards on the tables, as they could get lost, or re-homed. So I punched a hole in them, added a binder ring, and for safety measures, a card pulley. These snapped onto their work baskets so easily. The students can pull the card towards them to check a word, then it SNAPS back into place. No fuss, no muss! It's also a great self-assessment for students that are working on editing their writing, and to hold others accountable for constant misspellings.

For more information about my "I Scream for Sight Words" pack, Click Here


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