Which is Salt and which is Sugar?, and a FREEBIE

My grade one kiddos have been learning a lot about the 5 Senses and I wanted to finish the unit with a fun hands on activity that really got them using the vocabulary they had learned. For full details of the original idea please visit www.kindergartenkindergarten.com.

We took two jars and removed their labels. One has salt and one has sugar.

My school was originally meant to be a high school, but ended up serving as an Elementary or Cycle One school, so we actually have 4 fully functioning science labs. On days like this one, it's fun to take my kids to the lab to let them get familiar with the environment and the setting. It also has some nice couch type seating for whole group activities like today. Makes a nice change from the classroom carpet and allows them to feel like the older students!

Our recording anchor chart. The kids each had their own recording sheet. Both can be downloaded for FREE by clicking Here.

So then we began the testing, starting with sight, then smell, then hearing, and ending with touch and taste, with taste being the eventual give away as to which jar contained salt and which jar contained sugar.

For some reason my kids thought that the jar with sugar smelled bad?!?

What we found out after all the 5 senses.


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