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It is coming to the close of another school year here in Abu Dhabi. I am finishing my initial 2 year contract, and have boldly decided to stay one more year. This past year has given me a lot to look back on and how to improve even more for the following school year.

In a previous post I showed samples from our Student Self-Assessment journal, and it was a tremendous success. Even though we had great results in student work and the quality of their learning, as a team we knew that we had to do more. One thing we wanted to work on was differentiation. Our 1st grade team already does an amazing job with differentiation, but there is always a way to expand on what is already working. 

At the beginning of the year I came up with a survey based on the Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner. (see below)

Given the language barrier, we can't always know as much about our kids as we would like, but one thing that is universal is visual aids. Kids see pictures and immediately understand what we are talking about. My survey is strongly based on visual answers to the 8 questions, which are all based around a student's individual learning style. Once the students complete the survey, I take that data and plan my seating charts, assess how many visuals and audio samples are needed for a lesson, as well as what parts of school my students enjoy the most, and how they show what they know. This is also a great tool to have in your arsenal for professional development and those oh so lovely OBSERVATIONS. It's easy data that shows how and why you are planning certain activities in your lessons, how you are addressing student's needs, and differentiating to meet those needs. You could even give the survey at the beginning of each term to see if the students have had any changes since the beginning of the school year.

We will be adding this survey to our Student Self-Assessment journal for the coming year.

To get your own copy of the Multiple Intelligences Survey Click Here


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