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Early Childhood STEM Enrichment Program: Week 6

Week 6: Valentine's Day Cards Paper Circuits
Objective: Students will practice using specific materials to build a working paper light circuit within a Valentine's Day cards.

This week the students applied their knowledge of circuits from the previous week to create a paper circuit. We reviewed some of the content from the previous week, including discussing the different parts of a circuit, different types of electrical power, and how the electricity travels along a circuit to make something work.
For this lesson each student received 18" of copper tape, a 3V coin cell battery, a binder clip, Valentine's Day card template, and an LED light. All my materials (except the cards) were purchased through Amazon, for less then $15.

You can purchase your own copy of my Valentine's Day Card Templates in my TPT store by clicking Here

Here are the documents that they completed for their portfolio.

I started the lesson with the PowerPoint below.

Here are some photos from the w…

STEM: Building Prosthetic Limbs

Part of the Gifted curriculum I teach is a unit called "Thinking Like a Disciplinarian" where the students get the chance to step into the shoes of a specific disciplinarian. This time teaching this unit I had my students thinking like engineers, a different type of engineer for each grade level.
3rd Grade: Greenhouse Engineers 4th Grade: Civil Engineers 5th Grade: Biomedical Engineers
This blog post will focus on the 5th Grade Biomedical Engineers. Their project was to design and build prosthetic limbs. I was inspired by a post that I saw attempted by high school students, and thought "Would it be possible for elementary students to attempt this project?" I set about creating all the materials I would need for the students to complete this project that was aligned with the Common Core Standards. Below is the packet that I created, which I turned into a bound book for each team of students.

To get your own copy of this STEM packet (aligned with Next Generation and…