Early Childhood STEM Enrichment Program: Week 5

Week 5: Introduction to Circuitry

Objective: Students will practice putting 4 different types of circuits together and discuss the different parts. Students will make their own circuit diagram showing how to connect a circuit.

This week the students shifted gears from Civil Engineering into our Circuitry, Energy, and Robotics Unit. This unit will take about 4 weeks to complete during which they will build circuits, make paper circuit Valentine's Day cards, show how to make a working circuit with a robot, and then design a racecourse for the robot, or use the robot for artwork.

Here are the documents that they completed for their portfolio.

I always like to introduce the content with a PowerPoint lesson, so that I can incorporate lots of visual images, videos, web links, etc... This lesson talked about different types of energy, made a comparison between food giving energy to make our bodies move and electricity giving energy to make our appliances and devices work. We also talked about battery power and mains power, then watched a School House Rock video about electricity. See the link below. We also practiced making a circuit on a BBC website.

Here is the lesson outline.

Here are some photos of the extension activities that followed.

The circuit baskets. Please note that these materials did not come from a school kit, but were items I purchased on my own for this activity so that I could customize the baskets and circuits. Everything was purchased at:

Home Depot
Radio Shack

and all cost less than $30 so that I can reuse these circuits over and over.

Light Circuit with a Battery
(Basket contains: Instruction book with visuals, bulb holder, 20W bulb, alligator clips, 1.5v battery and battery holder)

Motor (Motion) Circuit with a Battery

(Basket contains: Instruction book with visuals, 3v motor, 3v coin cell battery)

Light Circuit with a Solar Panel

(Basket contains: Instruction book with visuals, 3v solar panel, 3v LED surface light)

Buzzer (Sound) Circuit with a Battery

(Basket contains: Instruction book with visuals, alligator clips, 3v buzzer, 1.5v battery, battery holder, and a 3v coin cell battery. I had two types of batteries in this one so that they could try one circuit with alligator clips and one circuit without.)

If you would like your own copy of the Mini Instruction Books,  which have visuals and step by step instructions, you can get yours at my TPT store:

Click Here to get your copy!

Below are some photos of the students working and their responses to the extension activity.

One of our District administrators came by to see how our program was going, and I coerced him into running one of the circuit centers :)


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