Early Childhood STEM Enrichment Program: Week 6

Week 6: Valentine's Day Cards Paper Circuits

Objective: Students will practice using specific materials to build a working paper light circuit within a Valentine's Day cards.

This week the students applied their knowledge of circuits from the previous week to create a paper circuit. We reviewed some of the content from the previous week, including discussing the different parts of a circuit, different types of electrical power, and how the electricity travels along a circuit to make something work.
For this lesson each student received 18" of copper tape, a 3V coin cell battery, a binder clip, Valentine's Day card template, and an LED light. All my materials (except the cards) were purchased through Amazon, for less then $15.

You can purchase your own copy of my Valentine's Day Card Templates in my TPT store by clicking Here

Here are the documents that they completed for their portfolio.

I started the lesson with the PowerPoint below.

Here are some photos from the week's lesson. Students decorated their card first, and then used the copper tape and LED light to complete the template of the circuit.

Sorry for the poor quality photos, but if you look at the top of the heart you can see the LED lights working.


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