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Healthy Choices (Who We Are)

For the new school year we are starting with the PYP unit of inquiry Who We Are, in which the students are focusing on Healthy Choices. This will cover:

1. Making healthy food choices to create a balanced diet.
2. Understanding how the body uses the healthy food in connection to energy.
3. Learning how to balance our time in the day.
4. Making connections from ourselves to how people eat around the world.
5. Understanding the importance of caring for our bodies with exercise.
6. Dressing appropriately for the weather.

We are kicking everything with FOOD. I asked the students to write down in their notebooks anything they knew about food. Most students made a list of what they liked, a lot drew pictures and labeled them, some went as far as to make the distinction between good foods and bad foods, and one student even told me that "junk food make cavities" (way to raise the bar!)

After the writing the students brought their notebooks to our carpet where they each got to shar…

First Week Back to School

Well, it's been a long time coming but I am back!

Following an extensive time off, I am pleased to say that I am settling into a new teacher role as the Year 2 for an International School in Italy, in addition to being the school's Innovative Digital Coordinator as we unroll a completely new technology program.

The year got off to a great start with some fantastic "Getting to Know You" activities, as most classes do. Our first day consisted of deciding how to make name tags for our pegs in the hallway where we keep our coats and bags. We had a great discussion about what size paper we would need, and how big the letters should be. We decided that using Duplo Legos to measure was the right tool, and that we would need between 2 and 3 Legos to ensure that our names were big enough to read, but not too big that they wouldn't fit. See photo below:

While the students have been with each other for the last 2 years and know each other pretty well, I wanted to find out …